Your Trusted Source for Road Safety Equipment and Safety Products is the trusted source for road safety equipment and other safety products throughout South Africa. We’ve dedicated ourselves to providing top-quality road safety equipment as we understand the impact high-quality safety equipment can make. Our commitment to always providing the highest-quality equipment quickly led us to become the trusted source for construction companies throughout South Africa.

Road Safety Equipment

Our road safety equipment meets the highest standards and regulations ensuring each of our customers maintains compliance with road safety regulations. Between our extensive product list and competitive prices, we’re often thought of as a one-stop-shop for all of your road safety needs. We also offer convenient shipping throughout the Republic of South Africa and top-tier customer service to help you with any of your needs.

Through always providing the highest-quality road safety equipment, our products can be used for years to come leading to extensive savings for you. Instead of constantly purchasing the same products due to them deteriorating, we deliver top-quality products that stand the test of time and inclement weather. Our most popular road safety equipment includes:

Safety Mirrors | Wheel Clamps | Wheel Chocks | Plastic Barrier Nets | Visibility Gear | Road Cones | First-AId Kits | Under Vehicle Inspection Mirrors | Speed Bumps | Signage | Safety Products

Featured products

RoadQuip Pedestrian Barrier

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RoadQuip Big Foot Barrier

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Contractor Road Cone Orange 750mm

R 143.75 R 110.06